Over 30 Things To Do In Pattaya Thailand

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The eastern Gulf coast of Thailand is a buzzing destination for tourists, and there are plenty of things to do in Pattaya. A fishing village until the 1960s, Pattaya is lined with high-rise condos, shopping malls, cabaret bars, and 24-hour clubs. The city’s many attractions include a visit to the 18-metre-tall golden Buddha at Wat Phra Yai, a temple, and several designer golf courses. You’ll also find some of Thailand’s finest beaches, such as the beachfronts of Golden Beach and Sukhumvit Road, and enjoy the spectacular view of Pattaya Bay from the resorts.

With that being said, let’s dive in to over 30 things to do in Pattaya Thailand!

1. Take Pictures With Tigers

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Have you ever wanted to get up close to a real life Tiger? Now you can in Pattaya at the Tiger Park in Pattaya! Here you are able to not only take pictures with the tigers, but you can also touch them. The staff there are trained and will make you feel safe and comfortable throughout the whole experience. The park is very clean and has a very calming environment for the tigers. If you want to head on over to Tiger Park to take pictures with the Tigers, here are the directions.

2. Hang Out With Elephants

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Thailand’s elephants are a popular draw for visitors. Here at the Elephant Jungle Sanctuary in Pattaya, you have the luxury of hanging out with elephants. At the Elephant Jungle Sanctuary, they promote the ethical and sustainable way of treating and taking care of elephants. They also have English speaking guides to help give you better insight on the history and personality traits of the elephants. You may also get the chance to bathe the elephants and better yet even feed them! Learn more about the Pattaya Elephant Jungle Sanctuary from their website.

3. Swim with Dolphins

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Have you ever wanted to watch dolphins swim, or to actually swim with dolphins? In Pattaya you actually can! At Pattaya Dolphinarium, you can get the luxury of either watching a dolphin show where the dolphins will be performing tricks and swims with their instructors. Or, you can always opt in to swim with the dolphins, which is an unforgettable experience. Any questions you may have about the dolphins, the show, or swimming with the dolphins can be answered by Pattaya Dolphinarium through their website.

4. The Art In Paradise Museum

The city’s museums are fascinating. The Art in Paradise Pattaya Museum is the largest 3d art museum in the world and is the first of its kind in Thailand! All of the art is hand painted and consists of a wide range of styles that are all pleasing to the eyes creating a captivating experience. Visiting this musuem is a must and should definitely be added to your list of things to do in Pattaya.

5. Try Flyboarding

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You can also enjoy the beach. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can try Flyboarding, which is a thrilling activity that will give you a high adrenaline rush. The sport involves strapping yourself to a board, floating over the water, and releasing a jet of water from the board to the waves. During the day, the city’s beaches are a popular destination for travellers.

6. Spend Some Time At The Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden

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Nong Nooch (pronounced “nung nut”) Village’s large park offers a wide range of activities for the whole family to enjoy. These pathways travel through a variety of themed gardens, including a French topiary garden, a European Renaissance garden, and a variety of species-specific gardens, such as those displaying tropical palms and bonsai trees.If you’re a gardener at heart, you’ll be inspired by the stunning orchid garden.

7. Go to Jomtien Beach and Work on Your Tan There

The six-kilometer-long Jomtien Beach is a must-see in Pattaya and is a pleasant respite from the hustle and bustle of the city. If you prefer the shade of the nearby trees over that of the beach’s golden sands, then this is the place for you. Activities like jet-skiing, kite surfing and parasailing can be enjoyed by water enthusiasts. There are numerous shops along the beach that serve local cuisine and refreshing drinks whenever you need a pick-me-up.

8. Wat Yansangwararam

Wat Yansangwararam (sometimes referred to as Wat Yan) is one of Thailand’s most remarkable temples, and it offers a window into Thai architecture for those that love to admire buildings. The temple was first built in 1976, and is surrounded by beautiful trees. For more detailed information feel free to check out their website

9. Visit Big Buddha (Wat Phra Yai)

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Pratamnak Hill, south of Pattaya, is home to an 18-meter-tall golden statue of  Buddha. You may get a closer look at the statue by climbing the spiral staircase. A cab ride up the hill is an option if you don’t have the energy for the long trek up, but be ready to negotiate a price with the driver. Here are some directions to help plan out your trip.

10. Visit Koh Larn for the Day

Koh Larn (also known as Koh Lan), a 30-minute speedboat ride or 45-minute ferry journey from Pattaya, is a peaceful getaway from the tourist-packed Pattaya. Several white-sand beaches along the island’s shoreline, with food stalls, restrooms, and a wide variety of water activities to keep visitors entertained. A few of the more popular ones are parasailing, banana boat rides, and Sea Walking, which takes place underwater.

11. Cool off at Ramayana Water Park

Ramayana Water Park is advertised as the largest and best water park in Thailand. It’s also considered one of the largest water parks in all of South Asia! There’s something for everyone, including a heart-stopping free fall slide and more kid-friendly options.

12. Visit the Naklua Fish Market

Visit the Naklua fish market, a little hamlet about 10 minutes north of Pattaya, for a taste of local life and incredibly fresh seafood. Fresh-caught seafood is available for an affordable pricee from vendors who will grill it for you right there on the spot!

13. Go To Mini Siam

If you are looking for things to do in Pattaya Thailand, Mini Siam is a great place to start! Mini Siam is a miniature park with many attractions! It was constructed in 1985 and it is also connected with Mini Europe. This educational attraction makes it a perfect family trip, where you’ll get to see famous landmarks from different parts of the world. You can read more about Mini Siam here.

14. Underwater World Pattaya

Underwater World is home to a wide variety of aquatic species from a variety of underwater habitats. For the first time ever, visitors to Thailand’s first contemporary aquarium may feed koi fish from a bottle, get up close to sharks, and experience a sea creature’s texture in the touch pool. At the sleepover with Sharks & Rays Camp, kids can spend the night in the underwater glass tunnel and learn about marine wildlife.

15. Buy Souvenirs In Thepprasit Night Market 

Thepprasit is a great market in Pattaya, and you can even take a tuk-tuk to get there to further enjoy the city’s scenery. There are stalls both indoors and out, but the indoor portion of the market is far larger. This market, like many others in Thailand, it has food vendors standing next to stalls selling gadgets or T-shirts. Here are some directions to help you get there!

16. Walking Street

Walking Street in Pattaya is unlike any other street in the city. There are several pubs, night clubs, and restaurants. There’s plenty to see and divulge into as there is a vibrant nightlife!

17. Flight Of The Gibbon Ziplining

Indulge in a fun activity while taking in the beauty of the jungle. Learn to Zip-line in Thailand and overcome your fear of heights. Partake in a unique and fun experience to do something you wouldn’t do at home. Rest assured Flight Of The Gibbon is serious about safety and you can read all about their business here.

18. Go To Khao Chi Chan

The world’s largest Buddha engraving is known as Khao Chi Chan or Buddha Mountain by English speakers. In 1996, a laser was used to etch the carving into the rock to mark the 50th anniversary of the reign of His Majesty the King of Thailand. Here are the directions To Khao Chi Chan.

19. Visit Anek Kusala Sala

More than a hundred works of Chinese art, mostly bronze and brass statues representing historical figures are on show in the Khao Chi Chan Museum. The Shaolin monks, which have been sculpted to represent various martial art positions, dominate the second floor, which is divided into two sections. Don’t miss out on seeing this amazing attraction. Here’s the directions to help you find your way there.

20. Eat At Mum Aroi

A seafood restaurant named Mum Aroi, which is situated directly by the water and serves up a wide selection of delectable dishes. You can see the antique fishing boats bounce up and down as you have your meal in this popular restaurant. With a big dining area, the restaurant is a popular destination for foreigners as well as residents of the city itself. Mum Aroi is one of the best spots to unwind with a glass of wine while taking in the pleasant sea breeze. You can check all their reviews on Google which will be convincing enough for you to want to dine there!

21. Volunteer At Pattaya Orphanage

For more than 50 years after Pattayan Orphanage was founded, the organization is still helping the less fortunate. The orphanage was founded in 1972 by a priest named Father Raymond. You are able to volunteer for extended periods of time or you can even donate money to the orphanage and help them out monetarily. To learn more about their projects, mission, and what they do or to even inquire about volunteering, you can contact them through their website.

22. Floating Market

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There are many things to do in Pattaya. There are countless places to shop, and many of them are conveniently located for nature lovers. But the most popular attraction in the city is its floating market. It is a 10-hectare place where you can buy traditional Thai produce and local souvenirs. It is divided into four segments and has an excellent water park and multiplex. And it isn’t just for shopping.

23. Eat at Leng Kee

Chinese restaurant Leng Kee is the only one in Pattaya open 24 hours a day, serving seafood and Chinese cuisine. A favourite of both expats and the local Chinese population for many years. You can find their menu at their website.

24. Go For A Swim At Ban Amphur Beach

There are a lot of palm palms and wonderful sand in Ban Amphur Beach. This Pattaya beach is very relaxing, and there is plenty of room for you to get your tan on or go for a swim. They also have vendors who sell food and drinks to keep you refreshed. Prices are affordable and the region isn’t as busy as it is in many other tourist destinations. You can learn all about the Ban Amphur beach from Pattaya Unlimited.

25. Learn To Cook Thai Food From The Happy Chef Thai Cooking School

If you ever wanted to learn how to cook some of your favorite Thai dishes, now’s your chance! In Pattaya, you can learn to cook Thai food from the Happy Chef Thai Cooking School. To learn more about their courses you can always contact them through their Facebook page.

26. Stay In Shape With Muay Thai

Muay Thai is a martial art involving kicks, punches, elbows and knees. One of the best places to learn Muay Thai in Pattaya is at the Fairtex Hotel. The Fairtex Hotel has been open since 1971 and boasts about producing Muay Thai champions for over forty years! They train everyone from beginner to pro, and have a regime particular to their schedule. For instance they have morning runs, and also have one on one training sessions where the fighter and students can work with the trainers one on one. They do offer some light sparring, but even if fighting is not your thing, the workout will definitely keep you in tip top shape during your stay in Pattaya. You can contact them through their website to find up to date prices, and their training schedule and opening hours.

27. The Central Festival

The Central Festival is a must-do when it comes to things to do in Pattaya. Its designer shops are an essential part of the city, but there are also more affordable options. You can also eat at the food court. The market is a ten-hectare attraction, with a variety of restaurants and street food vendors offering everything from hamburgers to Chinese cuisine. If you’re in the mood for a shopping spree, it’s a good idea to head to the upscale areas near the Central Festival.

28. Take A Ride In A Tuk Tuk

If you have ever taken a Taxi or an Uber, then you can think of a tuk tuk as being the equivalent in Thailand. A tuk tuk is a motorized rickshaw and you can literally find them all over the city. Be ready to set a price and maybe even negociate a little as you don’t want to get ripped off. It’s important to discuss a price with the driver before agreeing to be taken anywhere.

29. The Sanctuary of Truth

Low angle shot of a beautiful sanctuary of truth in pattaya, thailand
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One of the top attractions in Pattaya is the Sanctuary of Truth, which is reminiscent of a giant wooden temple. The entire structure is covered with intricate wood carvings, making it one of the largest wooden structures in the world. While this may seem like a strange place, it is a worthwhile trip, not only because it offers breathtaking views but also because the Sanctuary offers spiritual lessons. For a spiritual experience, visit the upside-down house, where you can see the world from the inside.

30. Try Local Street Food

One of the best things about Thailand is that they have street food in many parts of any city. To make things better, the food is usually offered at an affordable price and is cooked fresh on the spot before your very eyes depending on what you’re looking for. If you’re having trouble deciding on what you should try, follow along for a list of great street foods to try. After reading about some of the foods, I am sure you will want to add eating them as part of your list of things to do in Pattaya.

Pad See Ew

Pad see ew is a dish that usually is foreigner friendly because it is not known for being spicy. Pad See Ew can be found in many local street vendors, which makes it a very accessible dish. You can always ask to add your own Chile flakes or to add spice in the dish should you like a little bit of a spicy kick.

Pad Thai

Pad Thai is a dish you’ve probably heard of and even tried, however why not give it a try in Thailand? Pad Thai is literally available all over in Thailand and is therefore extremely easy to find. For those who’ve never had it or heard of it, pad Thai is a spicy, sweet, stir-fried noodle dish and can be made with different types of meat like, chicken, or shrimp, over some egg noodles. Be sure to ask for no peppers and to not make it spicy because things can get very very spicy especially if you are not used to spicy foods.

Khao pad

Khao pad is basically fried rice combined with eggs, onion, a type of meat such as crab, or chicken, and is usually mixed in with some vegetables. It’s usually served as a lunch time dish, and isn’t normally spicy which makes it tourist friendly. It’s very accessible as many street vendors provide this dish.

Pad Krapow Moo

Pad krapow moo is a stir fired basil and pork dish that’s usually served for lunch or dinner. It’s made of minced pork seasoned with chilis, basil leaves, soy sauce, and other spices and legumes which is then fried all together in the wok. You can also find this dish from local street vendors or in some Thai restaurants.

Gai Tod

If you like fried chicken then you’re going to love gai tod as that’s exactly what it is, fried chicken. Although it has the crunch of fried chicken as you bite into it, you’ll notice that it isn’t as greasy as you would be used to. You can get this dish from most street vendors in Pattaya at an affordable price.

Kluay Tod

If you’ve never tried kluay tod, now is the time. Kluay tod is deep fried bananas, and by deep frying the bananas, the end result is a crunchy outside with a creamy, smooth, and sweet inside. You can have them as a snack or as a desert and can be found easily because many street vendors sell it.

Ma Laeng Tod

If you’re already in Thailand and you’re feeling brave enough and up to the challenge try and have some Ma laeng tod also known as fried insects. Ma laen tod isn’t too hard to find and is mostly indulged by the locals and you can mostly find ma laeng tod being sold from local street vendors throughout the city. In these stalls you can usually find deep fried scorpions, grasshoppers, worms, and other insects.

Moo Ping

Moo ping is basically grilled pork put on skewers. Usually they are sweet, and a little salty and taste very nice! Vendors will even cook it freshly in front of you. You can find moo ping in many food street vendors’ shops, and especially at the markets.

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