Best Countries To Visit For First Time Travelers

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When one talks about travel, our fantasies about all the places they’ve been to and all the places they desire to go, give life to a fascinating conversation. However, for those who have never been and who are about to embark on a trip, mixed emotions are always present. It’s normal to feel bold, yet nervous, excited, yet unenthusiastic to leave your comfort zone. As a new traveler, before you even start your journey, you should ponder upon a few key points to help you choose the best countries to visit for first time travelers. Of course if you already had a dream destination in mind, by all means go ahead, but you should still take into consideration the following points that were about to discuss. These key points are, the language barrier, safety, and things to do.

The Language Barrier:

English is  the most common language in the world that is not only spoken in Canada, America, and the UK, but in many other countries as well. Unfortunately, there is no one universal language in the world. In the event that you travel to a non English speaking country, it’s important to at least learn the basics. It’s usually recommended and wishful thinking to start studying the language at least two to three months in advance. By studying a language for a couple of months, for a couple hours a week, you’ll be sure to grasp beyond the basics and learn a few conversational and essential phrases to get you by during your trip. For instance, it’s always a good idea to learn how to order food, learn numbers, how to ask for the price, and where the hotel is. However, life gets in the way, and we don’t always have the time. Or, sometimes we just get sidetracked and lose focus on trying to stay consistent with learning the new language. Whether this happens to you or not, you can always count on translation apps, or even google translate after you get your sim card. All in all, as first time travelers, if you happen to choose a place where English isn’t a main or secondary language, then you should brush up on the language months in advance. 


As first time travelers, you don’t have much experience in living and surviving abroad. Different countries have different cultures and norms. It’s not only important that you travel with an open mind, to be open to these new experiences and ways of life, but to find a place that is suitable for first time travelers. You don’t want to immerse yourself, especially if it’s your first time traveling in a country where you not only don’t speak the language, or look or dress like the locals, but where there’s also a high crime rate. It’s important that you always do some research and ask locals and people who have been there before you on the best and safest places to go, especially if you’re a first time traveler. 

Things To Do:

As a first time traveler, you’ll want to make sure that there are actually things to do that fascinate you or that you want to try in the place that you’re traveling to. What I mean is, if you happen to go to a specific country because it always fascinated you, make sure you do some research on some activities you can do so you don’t get bored after the second day. Therefore, try to do a google search on some activities near your hotel, such as going to the museum, going to cultural landscapes that interest you, or try a local dish or national dish. By doing so, you will also be able to plan out your trip more effectively as you can plan what activities you’ll do on what given day. In result, it will help you decide how long you should stay in the country.  

Now that the three main points are out of the way, it’s time to look at the best countries to visit for first time travelers

The best countries to visit for first time travelers

The Philippines

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As a first time traveler, especially if you’re from a western country it may seem far but it is well worth the trip. The Philippines is an amazing travel destination for first time travelers for countless reasons. One of the main reasons we suggest going to the Philippines is because a lot of people speak a functional level of english. This is one of the main factors as it’s an exotic place, far away from home, yet, you can still talk to and have great conversations with the locals. In the Philippines their national language is Tagalog and it’s always great to learn, however since most of the locals already speak English you’ll have an easy time making friends, ordering food, and just getting around in general. The second motivating factor for traveling to the Philippines is that your dollar stretches very far there. The food, activities, and cost of living in general is extremely affordable especially if you are coming from a western country. To put it into perspective, if you wanted to truly immerse yourself with the locals and got an air bnb, you could comfortably live for the month with $1000 USD. All in all, the Philippines is number one on the list because it has a low language barrier for English speakers, it’s extremely affordable, and overall the people are very warm and welcoming.


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Thailand is the second country on our list and we will explain why. Thailand is an amazing country with many islands to visit and things to see and do. The main language is Thai, however some people do speak a basic level of english. Most vendors and the younger generation will be able to speak a basic level of English however, you may have trouble carrying on a conversation. For this reason it was placed second. However, besides the language barrier everything else in Thailand is amazing. There is a vibrant nightlife and many famous walking streets filled with restaurants and bars, so there’s no way you’re not having a great time. If you’re not into the nightlife scene, you can always enjoy the day time activities such as getting an authentic thai massage, trying out local food from the street vendors, or even visiting many of the enticing culture landscapes like the big buddha statue. Another major reason on why Thailand is one of the best countries to visit for first time travelers is that it is very affordable there. Your money, like in the Philippines, can go very far. Again, this is another country where you can live very comfortably for around $1000 USD a month. With that being said, there are just so many things to do in Thailand  and you honestly will have to go there to see for yourself. Beware though, the food can be spicy so make sure you always ask for no spice if you can’t handle pepper!



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Kenya is a very exotic country on the African continent, one of the sunniest places in the world and boasts a lot of greenery, with national parks and zoos. The markets here can get crowded, but it’s part of the fun and the experience. The main languages in Kenya are Swahili, and English. This means you will not have to worry about not being able to communicate with vendors and locals. In fact, you’ll be able to carry out in-depth conversations and can ask anyone for directions or help as everyone speaks English! However, if you have an interest, it would be much more of a cultural experience for you if you try to learn Swahili and communicate with locals in their native tongue. Many things here are extremely affordable and your dollar will stretch far. You could also comfortably stay here on $1000 USD a month for one person. There are also a wide range of activities you can partake in. If you’re an animal lover, you can visit their zoos or conservancies to see Kenya’s exotic animals up close and personal. Or if you’re feeling adventurous enough, you could plan a trip with a guide to visit a Maasai tribe and learn more about their way of life. All in all, Kenya is a very exotic place and is a place you must visit whether you’re a first time traveler or not.


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If you are an anime fan, then you are going to love Japan. Moreover, if you happen to be a diehard anime fan, then Japan definitely is a country you must visit if you’re a first time traveler. Japan has a very unique culture and it’s easy to fall in love with it. The official language of Japan is Japanese, and very few people speak basic English. This means that you will definitely have to brush up on your Japanese to make sure you can get by. Or, in the worst case scenario, you can always use google translate to translate your way through your trip. However, it’s always best and an even bigger sign of respect if you try to learn the language and communicate with the locals in Japanese. Japan is a little bit on the more expensive side. Unfortunately, Japan isn’t as affordable as the Philippines or Thailand, so make sure you budget and save accordingly before you go. The food In Japan is amazing, and if you were already into Japanese cuisine and culture before going, the experience just becomes that much better. In Japan, there are authentic ramen shops run by chefs who dedicate their life to perfecting their recipes and these are some dishes you do not want to miss out on. In addition, as mentioned before, if you are an anime fan, you’ll find plenty of shops selling anime souvenirs and collectables exclusive to Japan! These make for the perfect gifts and safekeeps to bring back home to remember your amazing trip to Japan.


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Image by James Wheeler from Pixabay

If you happen to be from the States or another western country and want to visit a place filled with amazing greenery and mountains, then Canada is the place for you. The winters here can be very harsh so if you don’t like the cold, it’s best to go during the summer time. In Canada, the official languages are English and French. So there is no need to worry about coming here and learning a new language. However, if you do go to Quebec, you will need to brush up on your French, especially if you are staying outside the city of Montreal. If you do decide to visit Montreal, you can expect an artistic, and lively city with many activities and things to do. It would be good to brush up and learn some basic french if you decide to come to Montreal, however, in the city most people are bilingual so there is really no need to worry. Worst case scenario, you can always use google translate or ask a kind stranger to help you out. The cost of living can be costly, so be prepared to budget accordingly as Canada is not as affordable as some of the other countries listed. All in all, no matter which province you decide to visit, you’ll have a great time. 


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The United States Of America also known as the land of opportunity, is an amazing place to go visit. There are many states that have a lot of different cuisines and things to do. For instance if you want to go have a great time and party in L.A. Or better yet,  go to the busy city of New York to check out Times Square. There are just so many iconic places with things to do. If the hustle and bustle of New York is too much, you could always pay a visit to Miami and chill out on the beach. Everyone speaks English so there is no need to stress about the language barrier. Although there is no need to stress about the language barrier, you’ll need to make sure to save up enough money to travel and enjoy your trip. Taking a trip to the States can get costly so make sure to budget accordingly and to have your trip planned out. 

The UK

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The United Kingdom is a place filled with a lot of historical landmarks which makes it a fascinating travel destination. Everyone here speaks English and you will have almost next to no problem communicating with anyone. Depending on where you go, you’ll have the option to visit historical castles, and amazing landmarks. It is by no means an economical trip as you will have to save up and make sure you have budgeted for everything. If you happen to go to London, you could try the famous fish and chips, and other tasty dishes. Or if you’re a soccer fan, you can always check out an intense soccer game! Moreover, one of the best perks of being in Europe is that if you have more time to travel, you can catch flights at a very, very affordable rate. In other words, you could travel around within Europe at literally a fraction of the cost that you paid to go there from either Canada or the United States. 


When it comes to traveling, especially if it’s your first time, it’s important to remember the three main points we talked about earlier in the article. To recap, the three main points were to make sure to check the language barrier, check how safe the city is, and to make sure that there’s actually things you want to do there so you can plan out your activities. Traveling can be a very fun and rewarding experience and allow you to explore and experience different cultures that you would not otherwise have the chance to experience in your home country. So if you have the itch to travel, and you figured out where you want to go, get ready for an adventure of a lifetime.Literally.

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